Healthcare Insanity Part III – Who Pays?

Healthcare Strike With Doctor

This is the final of a three part article that attempts to explain why our healthcare system is so difficult to change, let along “fix”.  This part explains the role of the third party payor and then summarizes the three articles. So who pays?  Enter the third party payor – insurance company, the state (medicaid)… Read more »

Healthcare Insanity – Part II – How it really works

Doctor Using Stethoscope For Check-Up

This is the second of a three part article which attempts to explain the complexities of the healthcare system which makes changing or fixing the system so difficult if not impossible.  This article looks at the roles of the patient, the physician, the institutions (clinic or hospital) and the ancillary services (laboratory, x-ray, cardiology, etc).… Read more »

Healthcare Insanity – Part I

Close-Up Of Stethoscope On Table

We all are probable tired of hearing about healthcare.  Assertions from one side of all it will do and warnings from the other on all it won’t.  So what’s the rub?  Why is the system so hard to fix.  This is the first of a three part article that attempts to explain why fixing healthcare… Read more »

Budgeting – Beginning With The End In Mind

As companies grow, it is not long before the realization that creating a budget is essential for implementation of growth strategies.  As owners embark on the process, they quickly become aware that the overall operating budget is composed of many little budgets.  The article explores the elements in a budget which differs among manufacturing, retail… Read more »