Tyranny Of The Urgent

It is very easy to get trapped into responding to the urgencies of the day or week, while the important things seem to fall through the cracks.  This is the classic battle of the urgencies of life verses the important things of life.  This is particularly important to the business owner as failure to the… Read more »

What is working capital?

Questions that frequently come to our firm are about working capital. Some of the questions that come up are: What is included in working capital? What is important to manage? How do you finance working capital? What key indicators should you follow?   The simple definition of working capital is “the money available to run… Read more »

Creating A Success Team

The recent best seller, The Exit Strategy Handbook, highlighted the impending flood of businesses for sale as an estimated 12 million baby boomers exit their businesses over the next 10 to 15 years.  With that number of business on the market, only those that have their business “ducks in a row” can expect to sell their… Read more »

Seller / Buyer – Two Sides of the Same Coin

The radio interview initially centered around a discussion of the impending flood of businesses that will be for sale resulting from “Baby Boomers” seeking to exit their business.  But then the questions were asked, “What does this mean for a person who wants to get into business?”  “How can they determine the good from the… Read more »

Odds of Selling Your Business Just Got Better!

As the flood of “Baby Boomers” begin to contemplate retirement, almost 7,200,000 businesses will be up for sale between now and 2029.  Unfortunately only about 20% will successfully sell their business.  Those business owners who are proactive and take steps to improve the market readiness of their business will be the winners in the race… Read more »