Which Way Should I Go?

There is a segment in Lewis Carroll’s (actual name Charles Dodgson) Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is confronted by the Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah.  Alice inquires as to which road she should take to which the Caterpillar asks, “Where do you want to go?”  Alice responds that she doesn’t know… Read more »

Looking Through The Windshield

It has been my experience that most small business owners don’t really know what a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does and often assume that their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or bookkeeper performs essentially the same duties as the CFO.  The analogy I use early on with business owners is that CPAs and bookkeepers look through… Read more »

Bubble, Bubble, The Economy Is In Trouble

Numerous economic cheerleaders would have us believe that recovery has begun, that we have turned the corner.  Wait a minute, not so fast.  Is this an upturn of a typical economic cycle?  Previously I introduced the work of David and Robert Wiedemer, Cindy Spitzer and Eric Janszen, America’s Bubble Economy.  This book, written in 2006,… Read more »

Importance of Project Management

My fellow Partners at B2B CFO® are some of the most talented individuals that I have ever met.   Here is an article on the critical importance of project management by Phoenix Partner David Casebere that hits the nail on the head . Four Sure Fire Ways to Kill a Project and Maybe a Company Dave… Read more »