Bodacious in Business

“Bodacious” might not be a word you hear every day. The most famous creature to ever be called that was likely Bodacious was a famous rodeo bull in the nineties who was known as “the greatest bull to ever buck.” That bull’s aggression, confidence and sheer talent for what he did made him an icon. While you might never break an unfortunate cowboy’s face, your business actually can learn a few very important lessons from this bull about being bodacious.

Be yourself and don’t be too quick to imitate what others have done. You are unique and there will never be another person exactly like you; the same is true of your business. On the other hand, you should also be willing to learn general principles for success from those who have been there before – as long as you can adapt those principles to your unique situation instead of simply trying to copy them.

Not being afraid of taking uncharted steps in business is one thing; being reckless is another. Both your image personally and that of your business as a whole must be one of self-confidence tempered with fiscal discretion and wisdom. Generally, business enterprises like to put money to work, but prefer that it be someone else’s money. But at the same time, you cannot be fearful of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance to be successful.

Stay committed to your business plan; however, be prepared to make adjustments when a course correction is required. Knowing what your goals are will help ensure that you keep making the right moves in the right direction. Don’t get too comfortable with where you are now; keep pushing your business to grow and develop.

Keep your word and do not be “suckered” into doing business the way others seem to do it. Integrity is a quality for which many customers are willing to pay extra big bucks. Although honesty may seem like a rare quality in the business world today, it is far more important to be reliable and trustworthy so that your customers and vendors can count on you to keep your word.


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