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Developing Better Financial Statements

Bank Statement On Paper

Many small to mid-sized businesses are operating today with the basic financial information they have used for years. In many cases, the owner started with QuickBooks and used the standard template for the Income Statement (often referred to as the Profit & Loss statement) when setting up the accounts that would track the business. Over… Read more »


Elegant Woman Wearing A Hat

Normally I wouldn’t use the work “Elegance” to describe a business conference.  However, it seems an appropriate adjective to use to sum up our recent B2B CFO Partner’s conference held in Atlanta, GA at the Westin Hotel.  From the accommodations and service to sponsorships and presentations, the three days were bathed in an atmosphere of… Read more »

The CFO and Internal Control Systems

Internal control systems for CFOs

Who hasn’t heard of ENRON, WorldCom or Health South, infamous examples of companies in which the system of internal controls failed resulting if significant personal losses to employees and investors.  Were these just examples of big company failures or are smaller companies susceptible to similar failures? The responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are… Read more »