Colin Powell's 13 Rules

Colin Powell’s 13 Rules


One of the books I am reading is Colin Powell’s “It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership”. This book should be required reading for anyone in a management position. As you may know, Colin Powell has had a remarkable career as a four star General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State among other notable positions.


In the beginning of his book Powell lists his 13 rules for life and leadership and his thinking on each of the rules. These ideas were collected by him over many years and kept as snippets of paper under the glass top on his desk. He brought them out when asked by a reporter during an interview and they have been circulated many times since then.


One of my favorites of these rules is number 4 – “It can be done”. As an optimist I’ve always believed as Powell states the “you should start out believing you can get it done until facts and analysis pile up against it”. Too often we are stuck in the way we have done things before and resistant to a change that may improve the situation. Starting with the attitude of “It can be Done” opens us up to a new way of thinking.


What needs to change in your company? It can be done!

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