Normally I wouldn’t use the work “Elegance” to describe a business conference.  However, it seems an appropriate adjective to use to sum up our recent B2B CFO Partner’s conference held in Atlanta, GA at the Westin Hotel.  From the accommodations and service to sponsorships and presentations, the three days were bathed in an atmosphere of expectation and anticipation of the launch that can only be described as an entirely new industry – Certified Business Transition Expert services.

NOT simply “exit” planning or “exit” strategy, Certified Business Transition Expert services goes way beyond the limits conveyed by those and similar terms.  While “exit” suggests the termination of activities associated with an endeavor, specifically a business, “Transition” is a far better descriptor of the services B2B CFO Partners provide.  The purpose of this article is to introduce this new industry segment in which B2B CFO stands alone.  There is no competition, no rival!

What makes us unique?  Well, several things.

First, the adjective “transition” conveys a wide range of options including purchase, sale, employee stock ownership plan, management buy out, private equity group, family transfer and other options.  This goes will beyond the connotation suggested by “exit” planning.

Second, B2B CFO has a certification process that ensures two things:  First, there is a consistent process through which business owners are systematically guided to ensure all relevant options are explored and that the owner fully understands the implications of their preferred transition option.

Third, B2B CFO Partners can step in to assist the owner from becoming distracted from the critical business of growing their company.  Business owners who attempt to go it alone often experience a decline in business as they attempt to juggle the demands of coordinating the activities of “herding” the many professional advisors at the sacrifice of their attentiveness to continued growth.  Utilizing proprietary tools not available anywhere else, B2B CFO Partners, assist the business owner with task assignment and monitoring of due dates to ensure their timely completion.

Fourth, just as travel from the East coast of the US to the West coast requires three things – identifying where you are, targeting where you want to go and access to a handy road map – so our unique 10 Step process serves as a roadmap for the transition of the business from where it is to where the owner wants to be.  The 10 steps will be explained in a separate article.

Fifth, B2B CFO Partners offer tools that are uniquely available to clients of B2B CFO.  These include the exit strategy book, exit strategy software, seasoned partners, national accessibility, and other resources.  No other organization offers the proven complement of resources that business owners can confidently embrace to achieve the transition desired.

Clearly elegant!  The launch of B2B CFO Certified Business Transition Expert services is unique and definitely elegant.

photo credit: Jaguar Style Stakes | 2014 Dubai World Cup via photopin (license)


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