Experience Counts!

If we didn’t know that experience makes a difference, all we have to do is look at the Obama administration.  The administration is virtually absent of anyone with business experience.  Should we be surprised that their answer to stimulating the economy is the academic Keynesian approach of the government bailouts and increased debt?  Should we be surprised that the Obama administration is unable to grasp the economic challenges facing small business owners in this nation and hence have failed to craft solutions that work?

This has application to business owners when it comes to selecting Chief Financial Officer assistance.  Many business owners are frustrated that their bankers don’t trust that the financials of their business are accurate, they are concerned that profitability and cash flow have plummeted, they would like to exit their business but are discouraged because they don’t know how to get the wealth out of their business or have a host of other financial challenges.  These are just a few examples of why businesses seek out a B2B CFO Partner.

B2B CFO Partners are skilled at solving business problems.  When B2B CFO founder Jerry Mills began to accept partners into B2B CFO, he wanted people with experience as Chief Financial Officers because he anticipated that business owners needed help solving a myriad of financial problems.  A business owner doesn’t need provide their CFO with on the job training.  They someone experienced in providing solutions.  That is the hallmark of B2B CFO.

Are you frustrated with the lack of timeliness or accuracy of your financials?  Are you concerned that your accounting staff doesn’t understand the implication of your financials from a income tax, business or industry perspective?  Are you worried that you don’t receive monthly reporting of what you will owe the IRS on April 15?  Are you upset that your company may be experiencing theft of cash or other assets?  Do these or other financial concerns keep you awake at night?  Maybe B2B CFO has solutions to your concerns.  Contact a B2B CFO Partner in your area to discuss your concerns, without any cost or obligation to you.

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