Mike Bress

Madison, WI
29 Years of Experience
(608) 345-3934

About Mike Bress

In the early part of his career, along with getting an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA focused on finance and strategy, Mike was a submarine officer in the United States Navy. As the senior financial officer as well as a critical operational leader, he quickly learned the importance of thoroughly understanding an organization’s business and strategic game plan to ensure his team can successfully support and execute the mission.

As a financial strategist and consultant for a premier global consulting firm, Mike helped the firm and its clients maximize their value through in-depth financial analysis, execution of complex transactions (mergers/acquisitions/joint ventures/equity investments), and business process reengineering. His vast experience working with nearly a hundred clients across multiple industries (including financial services, information technology, health care, manufacturing, and retail) gives Mike a broad skillset to help clients improve cash flow and increase company value.

As Chief Financial Officer and/or Chief Operating Officer for organizations ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar companies, he has encountered and solved the vast majority of accounting, financial, technology, and staff-related problems that business owners will encounter. He has helped organizations navigate through extraordinary change, both internal and external, through inspirational and approachable leadership.

Mike’s greatest work pleasure comes from helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. His greatest personal pleasure comes from quality time spent with his family, close friends, and pets. Mike does his best to live life to the fullest and can be found hiking the heights of Colorado, biking along the lakes of Wisconsin, exploring new cities and countries, or relaxing by (or below the surface of) the ocean.


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