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Seller / Buyer – Two Sides of the Same Coin

The radio interview initially centered around a discussion of the impending flood of businesses that will be for sale resulting from “Baby Boomers” seeking to exit their business.  But then the questions were asked, “What does this mean for a person who wants to get into business?”  “How can they determine the good from the… Read more »

Odds of Selling Your Business Just Got Better!

As the flood of “Baby Boomers” begin to contemplate retirement, almost 7,200,000 businesses will be up for sale between now and 2029.  Unfortunately only about 20% will successfully sell their business.  Those business owners who are proactive and take steps to improve the market readiness of their business will be the winners in the race… Read more »

Boots First Exit Strategy

Only 10 percent of business owners have a formal written plan for exiting their business. When asked why they didn’t have a written exit plan, the most frequent response was that “it’s too early.” What is noteworthy is that this was the most frequent response for even those over 60 years in age. This article suggests that procrastination is not a desirable option.

Ten Tips to Sell Your Business – Tip 1

Have you heard of “Baby Boomers”.  Probably it’s a dumb question.  Who hasn’t?  Maybe you haven’t given much more than a passing thought to this wave of humanity that is now entering the window of retirement.  But, if you are an entrepreneur, one of the ranks of the baby boomers seeking to sell your business,… Read more »