Why Do I Need A Plan For Exiting My Business?

The truth is not every business needs a comprehensive Exit Plan.  Some are simply not in a condition favorable for an owners exit.  Some of the reasons why a business may not sell include:

  • The owner is too involved in the business for it to transition successfully.
  • Buyers in the industry cannot achieve financing.
  • Keeping family and key employees in the business is more important than selling to an outsider.
  • The owner has an inappropriate or unreasonable price expectation of the seller.
  • The Risks associated with the business far exceed the Return that can be anticipated from the business.

In those situations, B2B CFO can help the owner identify and implement the changes necessary to prepare the business for the owner’s successful exit.  We specialize in helping business owners craft an Exit Strategy with an emphasis on preserving their wealth.  If it makes sense to you to get more information, contact the B2B CFO Partner nearest to you.  Visit our website at b2bcfo.com for a complete listing of Partners in the 39 states in which we have a presence.

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