Why do you need a Part Time CFO in Denver?

A business will be stuck in neutral so long as the entrepreneur continues to wear all the hats. At some point, professional managers and consultants will need to come on board.

For instance, most small and medium sized businesses will need higher-level financial expertise, such as that given by an experienced CFO (Chief Financial Officer.) Regretably, few businesses can afford to hire a full-time CFO. The B2B CFO concept was created to solve precisely that problem. A Part-Time CFO can be affordably retained for several days per month, or just a few hours, depending on the company’s needs and goals.

There are many services a B2B CFO can perform that will allow you to use your time for more valuable (and more fun) pursuits. Typical services include: (1) help you prepare a meaningful and accountable business plan which is designed to transition the company from where it is today to where you want it to be. (2) interface with the company’s banks, CPA’s, attorneys and insurance agents so that you don’t have to. (3) provide understandable, timely and accurate financial statements that help you more effectively manage your business. (4) collect delinquent receivables. (5) forecast cash flows and help you obtain additional capital before you need it. (6) train your bookkeeper to accomplish more in less time. We find that most bookkeepers want to do more to help you, but may lack the necessary technical or communication skills, and (7) help safeguard the company against fraud. B2B CFO’s have a history of helping companies with theft and embezzlement problems.

If you want to increase profits, take control of your business again, and put some fun back into your business, we believe we can help you.

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