Why I choose to be a CFO in Loveland Colorado

What do you love to do so much that you would do it even if you didn’t get paid?  Where would you live if you were not constrained in any way?  I confess, I am living the dream(s).

My partnership into B2B CFO has enabled me to fulfill a dream the grew during my Navy career as I watched store fronts change.  By this I mean that during my commutes in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Florida and California I saw business after business disappear.  Determining why so many businesses were failing became a passion, almost an obsession.  It was startling to find out that 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years.  I made a promise to myself that if I ever had the opportunity, I would do whatever I could to improve the success percentages.  As a Partner in B2B CFO, I have had the privilege of assisting owners resolve financial challenges such as cash flow, financial statement accuracy, exit planning and others.

Oh, as far as living where I want to live – where else but Colorado can you go skiing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon.  Yep, I’m living the dreams.

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